The Challenge

What is the challenge of advertising on an Indoor Digital Network?

There are several challenges that brands could face when advertising on indoor digital networks. one of the biggest challenges to digital advertising is driving engagement with an increasing number of screens available to connect with customers which will challenge markets.

Indoor advertising is competitive and that competition makes it challenging for brands to reach the right audience in the right way. As more brands enter the indoor advertising space, the competition will become fiercer and fiercer.

The Solution

How can Team Digital Network help overcome these challenges?

Team Digital Network’s Indoor Digital Locations are much more affordable then our competitors, and have some of the best locations in Alberta.

The Result

What are some of the advantages of our Indoor Digital Network?

The advantages of our Indoor Digital Network include but are not limited to:

  • Easier expansion or scaling at a larger level to meet the changing requirements of your organization.
  • More affordable for organizations with large traffic flow and having different sections of users with different needs.
  • More secure than traditional networks.
  • New experiences for consumers and new possibilities for operational efficiency.