The Challenge

What is the challenge of advertising on outdoor Digital Billboards?

Digital Billboards are generally more expensive to advertise on than traditional billboards and most ads remain visible for only eight to ten seconds. Exposure time is shared among other advertisers, usually in a 10 minute loop. High demand for ad space may limit or delay availability.

The Solution

How can Team Digital Network help overcome these challenges?

Team Digital Network’s Digital Billboards are much more affordable then our competitors, and have some of the best locations in Medicine Hat.

Our advertising loop is anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes so you will always be noticed, especially if your potential customers are stooped by a traffic light looking at your ad multiple times on 1 stop.

The Result

What are some of the advantages of Digital Billboards?

Digital Billboard Advertising has many advantages over traditional billboard advertising. One of the most significant advantages is that digital billboards can help you reach a wider demographic of people and increase your conversion rates. Digital Billboards also offer a vast range of amazing adverts to capture the public’s attention. Another advantage of digital billboard advertising is that it can save your company money, time, and resources when it comes to purchasing valuable advertising space.

Digital Billboards also have great targeting capabilities and can be geo-targeted so that they run during times of day when people are passing your area. They can also be used to track everything and measure performance to improve future campaigns.

If you need a change, you don’t need to create a new sign, just tell Team Digital Network that you would like a change and we will make the change at a very low update fee.

In summary, Digital Billboard Advertising offers heightened visibility, brand awareness, quick turnaround time, easy editing capabilities, and more.